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Welcome to KU Postdoctoral Association!

We are an organization ran by postdocs offering professional development experiences and resources for postdocs, graduate students, and staff at the University of Kansas. Attend our next meeting!

Our goals:

  • Improve postdoctoral training on the KU campuses by developing a variety of professional development activities.
  • Promote a community of postdocs on campus that will lead to fruitful interdisciplinary collaboimgresrations and help raise the national profile of the KU research community.
  • Ensure that opportunities at KU are open to all postdocs regardless of demographics.
Support:    KU Office of Research
Contact:    KUpostdocs@gmail.com
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Vice chancellor for Research, Dr. Jim Tracy, visits with the KU Postdoctoral Association.

We normally run events at 12-1 pm on the last Friday of each month, but this sometimes changes due to holidays or room scheduling; so, please pay attention to your e-mail, or check this page closer to that time.  We supply free food for nearly all of our events based on the RSVP responses.

In the past we’ve had ethics workshops, speakers from the KU career service, speakers to advise on grant-writing and creating professional C.V.s and resumes, etiquette workshops for lunch/dinner interviews,  panel speakers discussing postdoctoral fellowships at KU, as well as speakers discussing job opportunities in academia, industry and the government.

We are always open to suggestions for new events and career development workshops.  If you have any ideas please always feel free to email us (KUPostdocs@gmail.com) or mention it at any of the meetings.  We look forward to seeing you!

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