Get involved!

Are you interested in helping us with the planing and organization of our Postdoc Symposium/Research Day and/or serving as a KUPA Officer for 2018–2019?

Please let us know!


Contact us for information on KUPA (University of Kansas Postdoctoral Association) leadership, event planning, speaker invitations, seminar ideas, officer positions, and the Career Fair.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated and welcomed:

Please take a moment to fill out our survey to help us tailor seminars and events to meet your needs.

Areas to get involved in:

  1. Design a KUPA logo!
  2. Planning for the Annual Postdoc Symposium 2018!  We would love to hear your ideas for speakers and workshops.  Plus, we always, always need people to help setup, take down and be at the registration table.
  3. Help plan the Welcome Orientation for new postdocs Fall 2018!  What would be best/helpful to include for information?
  4. Send an email with seminar or speaker ideas for monthly meetings.
  5. Let us know what your needs are for employee benefits, mentorship, training, job searching.
  6. Join a committee/area of focus!  Humanities, Public Outreach, Diversity and Equity, International postdoc needs.
  7. Help start a network of local colleges for invited talks and teaching/mentoring/outreach opportunities.
  8. Help start a network of Industry connections for internships and training and job opportunities.
  9. Start….  propose it!  We are here to help you succeed.
Postdocs, graduate students and families at the meet-and-greet social event at FreeState Brewery in downtown Lawrence!
Postdocs helping with the Visit Topeka Science Festival, demonstrating the presence of microplastics in common household products that may get into our water systems and what to do about it!