Song 2015

Can Organosilane Reduce the leachable Species in Dentin Adhesive?

Linyong Song 1, Qiang Ye1, Paulette Spencer1,2

1 University of Kansas, Bioengineering Research Center, 2 University of Kansas, Department of Mechanical Engineering

 The release of methacrylic monomers in dentin adhesive has been considered a source of adverse reactions, e.g. local and systemic toxicity, pulpal irritation, and allergic and estrogenic effects. The hydrolysis of compounds containing alkoxylsilyl moieties catalyzed by photoacid, followed by condensation of in-situ silanol and hydroxyl groups, is proposed as an effective strategy to retard the leachable. Here, methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane was used as model monomer and the photoacid-induced sol-gel reaction was characterized via FTIR. HPLC was used to monitor the leachable of copolymer and the results indicated that with the addition of silane monomer, the cumulative amounts of leached methacrylic monomers and the leaching rate were reduced significantly.