Maity 2015

ROMP-derived Oligomeric Reagents and Scavengers: Synthetic Application in Parallel Synthesis

Pradip K. Maity,a Saqib Faisal,a Patrick C. Kearney,b and Paul R. Hanson*a

aDepartment of Chemistry, 1251 Wescoe Hall Dr., University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66045. NIH Center for Chemical Methodologies and Library Development at KU. bHD Sciences, BTBC 2029 Becker Drive, Lawrence, KS 66047.

The development of ROMP-derived oligomeric soluble reagents and scavengers for the application in parallel synthesis are reported. In addition, surface-initiated polymerization from Nb-tagged silica (Nb-Si) and Nb-tagged Cobalt-graphite (Nb-Co/C) magnetic nanoparticles to develop supported reagents and scavengers is also discussed. These reagents are readily synthesized from commercially available starting materials on multigram scale with excellent yield and conveniently used in purification-free parallel synthesis. Utilization in benzylation and triazolation reactions with a variety of nucleophiles is reported. Additional uses of oligophosphines, norbornenyl-tagged phosphines (Nb-TPP) and Nb-tagged benzylethyl azodicarboxylate (Nb-BEAD) in variants of the Mitsunobu reaction will also be discussed.