Annual Symposium (2015)


Structure informs on function: A thiazolinyl imine reductase of siderophore biosynthesis – Kathleen M. Meneely, Andrew P. Riley, Thomas E. Prisinzano, Audrey L. Lamb

Learning from the Past: Ancient Packrat Middens Provide Novel Insights into Global Change Ecology – Katie M. Becklin and Joy K. Ward

GPU-accelerated Exhaustive Search of Side-Chain Conformations: An Application to Protein Docking – Taras A. Dauzhenka, Petras J. Kundrotas, Ilya A. Vakser

Digital Research and Electronic Literature – Élika Ortega

Presentation title: Motions connecting pores and catalytic sites enable bacterioferritin function and iron traffic – Huili Yao

Reservoir Water Supply Management: Potential Impacts of Precipitation and Discharge Pattern on Reservoir Sedimentation – Vahid Rahmani, Jerry deNoyelles, Don Huggins, Jude Kastens, and Edward Martinko

Siderophore containing polymers as novel oral iron chelation therapeutics – Bradley P. Sullivan, Jian Qian, and Cory Berkland

Targeting an “undruggable” RNA-binding protein: discovery of small molecule inhibitors of HuR for novel breast cancer therapy – Xiaoqing Wu, Lan Lan, Amber Smith, Rebecca Marquez, David Wilson, Steven Rogers, Philip Gao, Scott Lovell, John Karanicolas, Dan Dixon, Jeffrey Aubé, and Liang Xu


ROMP-derived Oligomeric Reagents and Scavengers: Synthetic Application in Parallel Synthesis – Pradip K. Maity, Saqib Faisal, Patrick C. Kearney, and Paul R. Hanson

GWIDD: Genome-wide Docking Database – Madhurima Das, Petras Kundrotas and Ilya Vakser

Small Molecule Inhibitors of Musashi Family of RNA-Binding Proteins – Lan Lan, Carl Appelman, Amber Smith, Sarah Larsen, Jia Yu, Rebecca Marquez, Xiaoqing Wu, Hao Liu, Anuradha Roy, Asokan Anbanandam, Ragul Gowthaman, John Karanicolas, Steven Rogers, Jeffrey Aubé, Roberto De Guzman, Kristi Neufeld, and Liang Xu

Dockground resource for protein recognition studies – Deepak Singla, Petras Kundrotas, Ilya Vakser

Development of Budesonide NanoCluster Dry Powder Aerosols – Nashwa El-Gendy, Shan Huang, Parthiban Selvam, Pravin Soni and Cory Berkland

Novel anti-metastamir Therapy for Metastatic Breast Cancer – Rebecca T. Marquez, Emily Binshtok, Amber R. Smith, Garrett Pretz, Liang Xu

Can Organosilane Reduce the leachable Species in Dentin Adhesive? – Linyong Song, Qiang Ye, Paulette Spencer

Changes in the Extreme Rainfall Events Trends and Variability in Kansas, USA – Vahid Rahmani, Stacy L. Hutchinson, John A. Harrington, Jr., J. M. Shawn Hutchinson

TEAD4 Transcriptional Activity Regulates Proliferation of Trophoblast Progenitors During Mammalian Placental Development – Biswarup Saha, Pratik Home, Arindam Paul, Soma Ray and Soumen Paul

Engineered Dry Powder Budesonide Particles for Improved Pediatric Inhalation Therapy – Bradley P Sullivan, Nashwa El-Gendy and Cory Berkland

Detecting protein SUMOyaltion with mass spectrometry – Nadya Galeva, Wenqi Cui, Vinidhra Sridharan, Jeffrey Staudinger, Yoshiaki Azuma, Todd Williams

Human Cytochrome P450 Conformational Selection: Modulation by Ligand and Cytochrome b5 – Fernando Estrada, Andria L. Skinner, Jennifer S. Laurence, Emily E. Scott